Brand Advertising Versus Tactical Advertising – Why Don’t You Both?

October 24, 2020 by No Comments

In a recent Marketing Summit Adam Ferrier, from media agency Naked, made a fascinating comment. He stated ‘many brands are just like gooey blobs comprised of values and personality – however with hardly any need to believe at it’s core.’

He questions the fashionable concept that a brandname ought to be preferred among its consumers. But he’s to question this received knowledge.

Affection for any brand is ok, but practical consumers require a ‘reason why’ before they’ll spend their funds. It may be a psychological reason, and frequently is, but there still must be one.

Lately there’s been a ‘separation of communication’ especially on television. This separation dictates that like a marketer you have to determine if your commercial will be ‘Brand’ or ‘Tactical’.

I’d reason that every TVC should contain both elements to various levels. By pulling apart both of these vital ingredients marketers get TV advertising that’s less efficient and much more costly than it must be.

Current ‘Brand’ advertising is usually big, bold, and costly. It can make consumers feel better about the company. However it ultimately does not offer any tangible need to try or keep using the company.


Brand advertising does not need to be larger than Ben Hur. Consumers have no need for small-movies to become advised their option is correct, or that they must create a change.

In the other finish from the spectrum is ‘Tactical’ advertising. For whatever reason, lots of rational communication is becoming mass-created. Standard format advertising, in which a lady rattles off a listing product supports, while standing before shelves filled with packs, now passes for Tactical advertising. These formats are extremely ‘samey’ and completely ignore other communications the company does.

Here is a crazy idea! Why don’t you create TV advertising that balances both ‘Brand’ AND ‘Tactical’? Consider ‘Louie the fly’ for Mortien. The Louie character offers an united nations-stealable brand property for Mortien. Every viewing builds the company. Yet a Louie commercial isn’t costly.

And tactically, every Louie ad can continue to present details, for example new formulations, fragrances, pack changes etc. It’s interesting that Louie was invented before a lot of us were born: before a TVC needed to be either Brand or Tactical and currently where loving a can of fly-spray could have been viewed as type of weird.

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